Pittsburgh Black Business Directory

About Us

Connie Portis is the founder and co-publisher of the Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory and Resource Guide. A former president of the National Black Pages Association, Portis and her brother Richard are celebrating their 26th year of consecutive publishing of the Black Business Directory.

What is the Black Business Directory?
The Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory is a community resource for locating African Americans in business in the Greater Pittsburgh area and to communicate additional businesses, resources and services available to build and enhance opportunities in the community. Black Pages and Black Business Directories are published in print and online in over 55 cities nationwide and abroad representing more than 100,000 plus business.

Why a Black Business Directory?
The purpose of a black business directory is to level the playing field for African Americans in the marketplace and for majority-owned businesses to reach the African American market in a medium primarily targeted to them.

Who can advertise in the Black Business Directory?
Advertisers include African Americans in business sales, service and management and other companies and agencies that have an interest in reaching the African American community.

Who will use the Black Business Directory?
The Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory will be used by consumers, tourists, purchasing agents, and others looking for goods, services and resources targeted to the African American community. It also serves as a great business-to-business connection.

Three Convenient Sections in the Black Business Directory:

  • White Pages - consumer products and services. In addition to business listings, this section includes cover bios of the featured business and professional people on the cover
  • Yellow Pages - Corporate purchasing and vendor listings. A useful business resource section is contained in this section
  • Blue Pages - Agencies, organizations and educational and employment services. This section includes the Black Church Directory

How can I obtain a copy of the print edition?
Printed copies are distributed at businesses, agencies, churches and organizations. For a cost of $9.95 a Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory will be mailed directly to a home or office. Contact us for larger quantities (412) 904-3834.

What are my options to be included?
We have a two-tiered pricing structure - small business and corporate. Small non-profit agencies qualify for the small business rates.

Do I have to have a prepare ad?
As a service to our clients we can assist you with your advertising copy, but a fee may be charged for this service.

Can I advertise online only?
Online advertising is free for our print advertisers who submit, free of charge, an ad for the rotating boxes on right-hand side of the website. The center banner ad is available free to full pages advertisers for six months and $500 for six months for non-advertisers. The center banner will rotate with up to ten advertisers. Call (412) 904-3834 to secure advertising in these areas or go to the advertising rates.